Session preview.

Yesterday I have a small fashion session for What.Eve.Wears?

It supposed to be a test shot, but because of security banned us to shot at that location it become “final version”.

I don’t understand why using windows as a background is so dangerous for buildings owners. Seriously guys do you think that it would put your precious building at danger?

Anyway rainy session was quite nice. More photos would be published soon.

Yaya Van Chique- session

Saturday afternoon I spent with Yaya and his friend on a small photo session for Yaya blog. ¬†Below you’ll find a small preview of our cooperation. Rest of the photos would be published by Yaya soon. As you can see at the last photo we have some fun.

Small tip.

If you’re shooting portraits with sunglasses (especially that kind of like Yaya have), look closer at the reflection. It can be you as a photographer, or something/someone else. Sometimes it can be weird. I was trying to have a reflection of Yaya friend, but unexpected also I have a reflection of someone passing us on a bike. Anyway in that case we have a cool result. But if you’re shooting home, and your room is messy…;)

IMGP1373 kopiayaya closeupIMGP1395 kopia