I’m back!

Hi folks.

After few years of doing nothing here I decided to come back here. After 4 years in Luxembourg I’m back to Poland, now being located in Gdansk. Right now I’m focus on few projects: Male portraits, Dolnywrzeszczdiaries – that’s a streetphotography project presenting everyday life at my district of Gdansk.

Right now I’m mostly shooting with Pentax K-1 and Ricoh GR III. Still didn’t forget about my analog roots. Most of my photos are edited in Raw Camera/PS and Luminar 4/AI.

I hope you’ll enjoy a feed here. You can also follow me at my Instagram http://www.instagram.com/organictechnoloji

Session preview.

Yesterday I have a small fashion session for What.Eve.Wears?

It supposed to be a test shot, but because of security banned us to shot at that location it become “final version”.

I don’t understand why using windows as a background is so dangerous for buildings owners. Seriously guys do you think that it would put your precious building at danger?

Anyway rainy session was quite nice. More photos would be published soon.